Farm to Fork and feed additives: What lies ahead?

With its newly-adopted pivotal agrifood policy, the Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F), which is at the heart of the EU Green Deal, the European Commission has set the goal to make food systems fair, healthy and sustainably-friendly.

One of the outlined objectives of F2F is the revision of the feed additives regulation, to help reduce the environmental and climate impact of animal production, avoid carbon leakage through imports, and to support the ongoing transition towards more sustainable livestock farming.

For organisations working in the livestock food chain, these steps represent a unique opportunity to move forward from the current sectoral regulation for animal nutrition developed almost two decades ago and work towards ensuring a modern EU regulatory framework that promotes innovation within the feed chain.

Having stated the need for a revision to the regulation in its Work Programme for 2021, the European Commission has reiterated its preference to follow this path.

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