Farm to Fork Strategy: What role of nutrients?

Looking at the future of agriculture in general, and the fertiliser industry in particular, the challenges of sustainable food production are apparent. Growing food demand will force farmers to invest in innovative tools to increase production, ensuring maximum efficiency from the land they farm.

An adequate supply of nutrients in the soil is essential to crop growth as it increases the production of biomass in the plant and thus yields. It is seen as an important contributory factor to address the major challenge of feeding a growing world population.

However, excessive nutrients in the soil can contribute to problems such as pollution of drinking water, soil acidification and climate change.

The Farm to Fork Strategy, and the broader European Green Deal, offer a chance to show that sustainability and food security are inextricably linked. These programmes can help identify the best transition to sustainable food systems, leading to food security and resilience, and to kick-start the long-term transformation of our food system that scientists, civil society and farming groups are calling for.

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