FEDIOL PEFCR for vegetable oil and protein meal products

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FEDIOL just released a study on Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) profiles of vegetable oil and protein meal products. Twenty-eight production sites from ten different FEDIOL companies participated in the exercise commissioned to the Belgian research institute VITO.

PEF is a method, developed by the European Commission and based on Life Cycle Assessment, aimed at providing “a common way of measuring environmental performance” of products.

The life cycle stages covered in the FEDIOL study include the industrial processing of commodities, such as oilseeds and crude vegetable oils, but also the up-stream stages of cultivation and transport and the downstream stages of transport of the processed products to the customer, who receives refined oil, meal, lecithin and other refining by-product.

Following the PEF method, the sixteen environmental impact categories (PEFCR) have been assessed together with biodiversity.

Next to these PEF profiles, VITO created category rules for our products, which provide specific guidance for estimating and reporting product life cycle environmental impacts.

With the completion of the FEDIOL study following the PEF method, our sector is better prepared for a possible EU legislative initiative involving PEF. The PEF profiles and the category rules are available on the FEDIOL website.

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