Food security & Climate change post-COVID – Improving the sustainability of EU agriculture

The Covid-19 pandemic has raised questions about the fragility of our food supply, putting food security back on the agenda. Coupled with the on-going threat of climate change, agriculture has a crucial role to play to ensure European food remains safe, nutritious, affordable and plentiful. To achieve this, farmers will need help to mitigate and adapt to current threats. Access to the best science and innovation will be key.

Many stakeholders believe that the Commission’s implementation of the recently published Farm to Fork strategy and biodiversity strategy must acknowledge the importance of the application of innovation in agriculture if they are to truly contribute to fighting and mitigating climate change. Seeing agriculture as part of the solution, not just the problem, can help make the most efficient use of precious natural resources.

Policymakers and industry must work together to help farmers build a stronger and more resilient agricultural economy. Investment in innovation will certainly help. But a strong commitment from industry to set and achieve targets can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable EU agricultural sector.

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