Food waste prevention: what’s packaging got to do with it?

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Food waste is a largely underestimated problem: Globally, about one third of food produced is wasted. In Europe, this amounts to 90 million tonnes every year. More than 40% of European food waste comes from households, of which 60% is avoidable.

Ways to prevent food waste are varied and modern plastic packaging is one of them. Plastic packaging contributes to food waste prevention by protecting the food during transport and storage and by delivering packaging solutions adapted to people’s changing needs. At the same time, plastic packaging is often criticised for having a negative impact on the environment and for not always being recycled.

The workshop will tackle the following issues:

  • Food waste prevention – The role of plastic packaging
  • Over-packaging and under-packaging: striking the right balance
  • Higher recycling targets and food waste reduction: complementary or conflicting goals?

A EURACTIV Stakeholder Conference with the support of Plastics Europe.

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