How can innovation help agriculture be more sustainable?

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The agricultural sector is today faced by the demands of an exponential population growth and pressured by different challenges, including climate change and changing socio-economic dynamics. European agriculture therefore needs to produce enough food while respecting the environment, safeguarding consumers and supporting farmers.

As discussed in the European Parliament own initiative Enhancing innovation and economic development in future European farm management, innovation plays a key role in helping European agriculture in meeting these multiple challenges.

Ahead of the EP plenary debate in April, EURACTIV organised a stakeholder workshop with the support of Pepsico on how the European agricultural sector can use innovation to be more sustainable.

Topics discussed included:

  • What are the promising innovative tools now and in the medium term?
  • How can innovative practices be used to increase the sustainability and economic viability of Europe’s agriculture sector?
  • Are innovative measures mainly implemented by young farmers? What are the challenges to the uptake of new research findings?
  • How can research and innovation be concretely implemented on the ground?
  • What is the role of researchers, farmers, industry, and policy makers?

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