How does digitisation influence the work of Polish farmers?

The digitisation of agriculture, or the use of new technologies to improve productivity and production, is playing an increasingly important role in the Polish countryside nowadays. This is an extremely important issue not only for the farmers themselves, but also for advocates of agricultural development working in the European institutions. The arguments for modernising European agriculture by increasing the availability of the latest technologies may find fertile ground in the talks on the EU budget for 2021-2027. Planned spending on agriculture is to be reduced, but it may turn out that the EU that looks for innovation and development will look more favourably at changes and innovations in agriculture as well.

With the Honorary Spokesperson of the Polish Chamber of Organic Food, Urszula Sołtysiak, we are talking about the progress of digitisation in the Polish countryside, the difference between the younger and older generation of farmers and about filing applications for EU subsidies.

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