Innovation in agriculture for a secure food supply

The European farming sector today faces a number of challenges: producing better food for a growing population while respecting the environment and ensuring good living standards to farmers. Many suggest innovation, including precision farming and plant breeding techniques, can help tackle these issues.

However, relevant stakeholders are divided over the risk assessment procedures for new techniques. While some stakeholders want new products to have no risk before being commercialised, other groups fear that increasingly high standards might end up undermining further innovation. How can these different priorities be reconciled?

EURACTIV organised this workshop on the future of European farming and what steps should be taken to ensure safety while supporting continuous innovation. Questions included:

  • What role of the EU institutions in managing the regulatory environment?
  • What balance should be maintained between innovation and safety?
  • How can food quality and consumers benefit from plant breeding techniques? Will they help improve food quality?
  • Can innovation also help resolve environmental and international development challenges?

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