Policy Dialogue: Can Glyphosate play a role in achieving greater biodiversity?

The question of how to achieve sustainable agriculture and a balanced relationship between the environment, farmers and consumers is more and more pressing.

Biodiversity is one key player closely linked to and influenced by this relationship, as well as by agricultural practices and production.

Technological solutions are needed for ensuring sustainable agriculture and can contribute to greater biodiversity. One of these solutions is glyphosate, a herbicide used for weed control in the EU. The European Commission granted a five-year approval for glyphosate in 2017 and it is currently approved for use until 15 December 2022.

Recently, the competent national authorities of the four Member States (France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary) of the Assessment Group on Glyphosate (AGG), concluded the draft Scientific Report on the Assessment of the Renewal (RAR). Consequently, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) opened public consultations on 24 September which will remain open for 60 days. All interested parties are encouraged to contribute to the consultations by submitting relevant comments or scientific information and data.

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