Precision farming: the silver bullet for the future of european farming?

Rising demand for agricultural products and the need to protect the environment are putting increasing pressure on policy-makers and farmers to produce more with less. Precision farming has the potential to meet these challenges, capitalising on the ongoing digitisation of the sector and bringing innovative tools to all farmers.

The European Commission recognises the role precision farming can play in the European farming sector. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) makes provision for precision farming in its Rural Development pillar, trying to close the gap between research and practice. With policy-makers and stakeholders already at work to shape the post-2020 CAP, an increasing number of voices is advocating for a greater role for precision farming.

EURACTIV organised a workshop to discuss the current and future role of precision farming in European agriculture. Questions included:
– How could precision farming fit in the new CAP?
– What are the main challenges smallholders are faced with? What improvements does the EU legislation need?
– Can the EU governments, south and north, equally uptake precision farming?
– How to ensure that precision farming can be positive for both the farmers and the environment?

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