Share A Snack: Challenge your perceptions about savoury snacks!

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The European Snacks Association (ESA) recently organised the 6th edition of its “Share A Snack” event on the crowded Place Luxembourg to raise awareness about savoury snacks products in a convivial atmosphere.

Part of our mission at ESA, besides providing technical expertise and input into the policy-making process, is to raise awareness about our products and correct misperceptions.

With “Share a Snack”, the idea is to pro-actively communicate and come closer to the public, including policymakers, so they can learn more about our products but also question their prejudices.

Our recipe for a successful event is as follows:

  • Introduce visitors to novel savoury snacks with improved nutritional composition and original ingredients (e.g. pulses-based snacks)
  • Debunk common myths associated with the products with an entertaining online quiz
  • Share interesting facts and figures on the world of savoury snacks
  • And of course, share tasty snacks from all over Europe!

Every year we find a very receptive audience which is surprised to discover that savoury snacks products are actually a very minor contributor to salt intake in the European diet or that manufacturers have invested massively to improve the nutritional composition of their products during the last decades.

ESA members are committed to playing their part in helping people to build healthy and balanced diets and we therefore also use this opportunity to pass on our views on what we call “sensible snacking”, one of our top priority alongside food quality and safety. Our products are tasty, convenient and fun and this is the reason why we all love savoury snacks. However, they should be regarded as treats that are consumed in moderation in the context of a balanced diet.

Summer break is around the corner and now is the time to share some happy moments with family and friends. We have no doubts some of our delicious savoury snacks will also contribute to making these moments memorable. Now you know you can treat yourself without second thoughts…but don’t forget that sharing is caring!


The European Snacks Association (ESA) is Europe’s only trade organisation dedicated to advancing the savoury snacks industry. ESA’s membership groups some 200 companies of all sizes in 40 countries involved in the manufacture of potato crisps, corn chips /tortillas, pellet snacks, baked snacks, crackers, pretzels, savoury biscuits, popcorn, pork rinds, meat snacks, fruit snacks, peanuts and other snack nuts.

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