Survey: agriculture and environmental protection – an odd couple?

Agriculture is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Germany. Soils could serve as natural carbon sinks but today, they emit more CO2 than they store. In addition, synthetic fertilisers further deteriorate the emission balances.

recent study by environmental NGOs, the Greens and the S&D-group in the European Parliament concludes that the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy has been focused too much on allocating subsidies depending on land ownership and the size of agricultural land. Maria Noichl, a member of the European Parliament’s agriculture committee (AGRI), demands that “public funds should in future only be granted for public services like water or climate protection.“

EURACTIV Germany’s editor-in-chief Ama Lorenz has paid a visit to the Grüne Woche fair in Berlin and asked participants about their views on how agricultural policy can help reach the Paris climate goals.

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