The EU’s commitment to agricultural innovation is also a benefit to the consumer

In innovation, 21st century agriculture and the food industry have the key tool needed for more efficient and sustainable production.

The European Union, under its Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, focuses on activities in this area, with the aim of, in the case of the food industry, applying new technologies that allow the sector to respond to market and consumer demands.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) strikes a balance between producing more through using fewer resources and not sacrificing food quality or security, by promoting environmental sustainability and rural development. And it is working to achieve this in a globalised world that needs more food and is more and more sensitive to environmental concerns.

EU agrifood powers, like Spain, are at the forefront of the sector’s research and innovation, which is a cross-cutting priority of the Community’s rural development policy.

Knowledge transfer to farmers and the food industry is the ultimate goal that researchers and experts located in the various institutions across the EU work toward on a daily basis.


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