Which Agricultural sectors will Brexit impact most?

Agriculture is an international business: the UK produces just 60% of its AgriFood consumption, while 70% of its production is exported to the EU.

Withdrawal from the EU – scheduled for March 2019 – and subsequently the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) means that the UK will have to create and impose its own policies for the regulation and trade of agricultural goods.

Access to labour, barriers to trade and increased competition within global markets are among the most important post-Brexit policy issues.

EURACTIV organised a roundtable in Westminster, focused on AgriFood to discuss questions such as:

  • What are the biggest threats and opportunities posed by Brexit across Europe’s food supply chain?
  • Will post-Brexit UK AgriFood policy diverge from the EU’s and how?
  • What changes should the sector be making to have a Brexit-appropriate business strategy before March 2019?
  • How can the AgriFood industry position itself to influence Brexit trade talks and negotiations?
  • Which regions have the most to gain and lose after Brexit?


CORTEVA Agriscience

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