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First of all. Good to hear sth from T&E. It is very very welcome! However, it is not enough.

Let me be clear. T&E does research-based campaining, so either the research is weak or the campaining is not up to the task.

You do not need to be a highly Professional researcher to understand that the Commission is at 30% the car industry at 20% and they will find each other at around 25%.

Even for the ‘efficiency’ question. What is this crap that the Commission is putting forward little by little about smaller cars, instead of actually delivering on reducing emissions and going electric?

Why T&E is not talking about market access for Tesla in Europe?

How can we believe that there is no public uproar on those issues. Why there is no European Initiative and signatures? And how many people work at T&E? The information does not add up, Mr Archer.

You, together with European Environmental Bureau and Carbon Watch should sit down and do sth, or just take the money and sh@t up.

Good for Euractiv also that they published sth on the matter.