Ingredient and Nutrition Information to Consumers: What role for alcoholic beverages?

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This article is part of our special report Alcohol in the EU’s policies.

In 2011, the European Commission adopted a new regulation on the provision of food information to consumers.

This initiative aimed at bringing EU rules on general and nutrition labelling together into a single regulation to simplify and consolidate existing labelling legislation applicable in all Member States. The new rules apply since 13 December 2014.

The European Commission is expected to deliver a report on whether the current exemptions granted to alcoholic beverages of more than 1.2% should be reviewed.

  • What do stakeholders expect from the review on current exemptions (ingredient and nutrition information) granted to alcoholic beverages above 1.2%?
  • What options are available to ensure that consumers are fully informed and empowered?
  • What is the situation in the different EU Member States?
  • What role can brewers play in providing information to consumers?

A EURACTIV stakeholder workshop with the support of AB InBev and The Brewers of Europe.

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