Towards a more responsible lifestyle for European students?

In 2017, Erasmus, the EU’s flagship education program, celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Erasmus gives students the opportunity to meet new people, to learn about new cultures, to discover new countries. The openness to diversity and the mobility facilitated by this unique program represents a major asset for more and more young Europeans, and is highly appreciated in the professional world. Students and young graduates across Europe are increasingly aware of this and seek to make the best of this experience of a lifetime abroad.

Erasmus also gives students the opportunity to party and celebrate together. Alcohol misuse seems to be particularly widespread among young students, in particular during study exchange periods abroad. Binge drinking among young adults is of particular concern for European policymakers and stakeholders, and mobilises efforts to promote responsible, balanced and safe lifestyles among young people.

The Responsible Party program is a partnership between the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and Pernod Ricard which endeavours to promote viable solutions to alcohol misuse and safe behaviour among young people. organised a high-level debate to discuss experiences in the Erasmus program and the road towards more responsible and safe behaviour among young adults.

Questions discussed included:
• What are the experiences and expectations of the Erasmus students?
• How can responsible partying be promoted among students?
• What roles for student organisations, stakeholders and policymakers?

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