Austria, Denmark and UK criticised in racism report

Council of Europe racism reports find causes for concern in Austria, Denmark and UK

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) has published new reports into racism in five European countries, including EU members Austria, Denmark and the United Kingdom. ECRI, part of the Council of Europe, noted that whilst all of the countries investigated had made some progress since the last reports were published in 1999, there still were a number of areas of concern.

Austria was singled out for "the use of racist and xenophobic propaganda in politics." In Denmark a particular anti-Muslim sentiment was one of the most worrying aspects of the report. The focus in the UK report was on acute xenophobic and racist attitudes towards asylum seekers and refugees.

The reports on the three Member States all expressed concern over negative attitudes within the police towards minorities. Another common factor was that existing laws designed to combat racism, xenophobia and discrimination were not providing effective protection, particularly in Austria and Denmark.

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