Balkans and farm crisis hijack Dot-com Summit

Recent events poised to overshadow original agenda of Stockholm European Council


In what should have been a summit focused on how to make Europe the most competitive knowledge based economy in the world, recent events have distracted the preparations of European heads of state and government. The outbreak of foot and mouth disease, the crisis in the Balkans and the presence of Russian President Putin will all serve to shift the focus away from the original theme of the summit.

Decisions need to be taken in a number of key areas in order to maintain the momentum of the Lisbon Strategy. These include:

  • Skills in the Knowledge economy, including life long learning
  • Dealing with the problem of an inexorably aging European population
  • Single EU Patent
  • Harmonisation of EU financial markets
  • Liberalisation of Postal services
  • Liberalisation of gas and electricity markets
  • Opening of the European air transport market