Ban on French meat may be lifted

European Union chief vets may lift the ban on French meat on 28 March if no new cases of foot-and-mouth disease appear

The Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) met on 20 March to discuss the possible extension of existing protective measures in relation to foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). In the case of France, if no further outbreaks of FMD are reported and if all test results are negative before 28 March, the only restriction to remain in place would be ban of the transportation of live animals susceptible to FMD from the Mayenne and Orne regions.

The United Kingdom's export ban of live susceptible animals, fresh meat and meat products, milk and milk products and other animal products from those animals, due to expire on 28 March, will be extended until 4 April.

The EU wide restrictions on the movement of susceptible animals will also remain in place. EU protective measures currently only allow for the transport of livestock directly from farms to slaughterhouses with the appropriate authorisation.

The Commission will formally adopt the SVC proposals in the next few days. The next SVC meeting is scheduled for 27 March.

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