Commission urges EU membership of convention on online services

In order to enhance the transparency and coherence of national rules on cross-border information services, the Commission has proposed to sign Convention 180 of the Council of Europe.

Convention 180 seeks to establish an international mechanism for the prior notification of national rules on online services. Under the Convention, each signatory party may comment on drafts notified by the other parties, thereby contributing directly to the legislative process of setting up new rules for online services. This mechanism will for the first time make it possible to have an international system of regular consultation in a developing field, with important legal and economic implications in cross-border terms, in particular as regards the exercise of fundamental freedoms and rights. In addition to the 45 Member States of the Council of Europe, observer states (such as the US, Canada, Japan and Mexico) as well as the EU may become members of the Convention and thereby participate in its international legal information and administrative cooperation system.


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