Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 shakes central Croatia

Petrinja, Croatia. [Shutterstock/Dmitrijs Kaminskis]

A magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit central Croatia on Monday (28 December) with an epicentre some 50 kilometres southeast of the capital Zagreb, Croatian state television reported, citing data from the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

The quake in the morning was also felt in the capital. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

“We have no such reports yet but it is possible that such an earthquake could cause material damage in the epicentre area, which was in the vicinity of the town of Petrinja,” seismologist Kresimir Kuk told state radio.

The quake was followed by an aftershock registering 4.9 magnitude, according to the EMSC data.

Bozidar Skrinjaric, head of the Pokupsko municipality, an area near the epicentre with some 3,000 inhabitants, said people ran into the streets when the quakes hit.

“No building collapsed, but the people said they saw some cracks in the buildings and damaged tiles,” he said.

In March, an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 hit Zagreb causing one death and injuring 27 people.

Croatia handles earthquake damage amid COVID-19 outbreak

The Croatian government is struggling to mitigate the damage caused by a 5.5 Richter-scale earthquake on Sunday (22 March) and simultaneously, protect citizens from the coronavirus outbreak. EURACTIV Croatia reports.

At the time, the Croatian government struggled to repair the damage and simultaneously protect citizens from the coronavirus outbreak.

In spring, the earthquake caused severe damage to buildings in the very centre of the capital.

The EU country then activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and the European Commission helped send tents, beds, mattresses, heaters and sleeping springs from Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Italy.

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