eSkills conference discusses skills shortage

On 17-18 October an EU conference ‘European eSkills Summit 2002’ discusses the future need for ICT skills in Europe, mainly in the fields of e-learning and e-business.

The eSkills Summit gathers all relevant EU Actors in the
field of e-skills. Research estimates that in 2003 the EU needs to
add an extra 1,5 million people with an education in ICT to its
workforce. To work on this the eSkills summit in Copenhagen
proposes a common declaration on eSkills which will be put on the
agenda of the coming meetings in the European Council. If adopted,
this declaration will give a common European platform for the
development of national strategies on eSkills. The agreement will
emphasise the need for certain criteria to be met if skills issues
are to be addressed.

The summit calls for Member States to close the
gap between academia and industry and shorten the time to market of
new ideas developed at research institutes. It also calls on the
industry and social partners to take responsibility in promoting
lifelong learning and making IT and e-business careers attractive
to everyone.


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