MEPs want to safeguard media freedom and cultural pluralism in the EU

During a conference on 13 November, MEPs from
different parties stated that they want to ensure media freedom
and cultural pluralism in the EU.

The Greens/European Free Alliance organised this debate
'Media: Power& Democracy' to discuss the issue of media
concentration and the emergence of monopolies. This topic
was the subject of a Green Paper (Pluralism and Media
Concentration in the Internal Market - An assessment of the
need for Community action, COM(92)480) in December 1992 but
was never followed by any legislative proposal. The main
issues discussed in the debate were:

  • how to reconcile the interests of European media
    companies while safeguarding media pluralism;
  • whether there should be an assessment of the impact
    of mergers, alliances and partnerships;
  • whether there should be a legislative follow up to
    the 1992 Green Paper and the 1997 aborted draft proposal
    on media concentration.

During the plenary debate on 18
November, the European Greens/European Free Alliance and
other political groups intend to ask the Commission
questions during a plenary debate on media concentration.
The general consensus of the participants was that media
freedom and cultural pluralism in the EU needs to be


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