Polls predict centre-right victory in French legislative elections

A poll, conducted by Ipsos, indicates that the center-right could win 41 per cent of the votes in the first round of the French general elections on 9 June (versus 39 per cent of votes for the Socialists). According to the same poll, the extreme-right Front National could win up to 12 per cent of the votes.

In the second round of the elections, Ipsos predicts a victory for the center-right by 53 per cent of the votes (versus 47 per cent for the left). Another poll, conducted by SOFRES on the night of Mr Chirac’s re-election, also indicated that the centre-right would win a majority in the parliament.

58 percent of those polled by Ipsos were not in favour of a new “cohabitation”. However, 41 per cent of participants said they might still change their mind about their vote.

According to political analysts, a strong Front National score in the first round could split the right’s vote in favour of the left.


In the French Presidential elections (5 May 2002), President Jacques Chirac (RPR) was re-elected with a historic majority of 82.14 per cent of the votes. For the composition of the new government headed by Jean-Pierre Raffarin, which will govern until the June elections, see:"Government Composition".

Now that the Presidential elections are over, all parties are concentrating on the legislative elections to the National Assembly in June. Mr Chirac and the centre right parties will try to avoid a second "cohabitation" (Socialist government with a Conservative President or vice versa). The Left, which has suffered a huge defeat in the Presidential elections, will struggle very hard to redress the situation by doing better in the legislative elections.


The legislative elections are taking place on the following dates:

  • 9 June: first round
  • 16 June: second round


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