U.K farmers ignore livestock travel ban?

Some UK farmers are not complying with tight restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of foot-and-mouth

Britain's chief veterinarian warned that some farmers are not complying with tight restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of foot-and-mouth nationwide as well as to mainland Europe. Despite the restrictions on livestock movement, new outbreaks of the highly contagious disease are being discovered everyday. The number of cases since the first outbreak three weeks ago is 173. Sunday, March 11 saw the biggest one-day total so far with 25 new cases.

The European Union banned livestock markets across the EU for two weeks from 6 March. It also imposed strict controls on animal movements in an effort to control the outbreak of foot-and mouth. EU vets also extended the total ban on British exports of livestock, meat and milk products until at least March 27.

Since the outbreak began in Britain, several Members States have reported suspected cases of foot-and-mouth disease. France, Belgium, Denmark and Germany eventually cleared them. Recently, France has identified six suspected cases of foot-and-mouth on a dairy farm in the northwest of the country. Tests are being carried out and the first results are expected today, 13 March. All suspected animals were born in France.

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