UNICE releases major benchmarking report on the state of innovation in Europe

UNICE presented to the press the latest
Federation’s report on “Stimulating Creativity and Innovation
in Europe”

UNICE, representing more than 16 million enterprises in
Europe held a major press conference in Brussels today. Its
President, Georges Jacobs, presented to the press the
latest Federation’s report on “Stimulating Creativity and
Innovation in Europe”.

The report, which will be used as a backdrop at the

European Business Summit

to be held in Brussels in early June contains statisitical
research drawn together over the past few months by a
dedicated UNICE task force. euractiv.com, media partner of
EBS, will be covering the event in its Innovation Section
which will open on June 7th.

Commenting on the rather grim results of the
Benchmarking Report, Mr. Jacobs warned that “Europe risks
falling further behind if necessary actions by both
governments and companies to boost innovation in Europe are
not taken rapidly”.

In line with the e-Europe initiative adopted at the
recent EU Lisbon Summit of Governments and Heads of State,
the report’s conclusions urge for a removal of
administrative obstacles to innovation and market entry. It
also recommends to eliminate cumbersome regulations that
slow down time to market and a lowering of the costs linked
to patenting which are currently 15 times higher in Europe
than in the US.

The report’s findings also highlights positive European
policies towards innovation that have led to the
development of new products such as mobile phones.”

EURACTIV’s new Innovation Section will focus on the
three following action lines: a) monitoring innovation
policies at European level; b) bringing together the views
of the actors involved in the innovation cycle (from
fundamental research to marketing); c) putting the
light via news and LinksDossiers on the challenges posed to
innovators and policy makers (e.g. access to capital;
risk-taking; biotechnologies; protection of intellectual
property; etc).

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