Vets ban livestock markets across EU

EU veterinary experts ban livestock markets for two weeks and curb animal movements across the EU

The European Union's Standing Veterinary Committee (SVP) banned livestock markets across the EU for two weeks from 6 of March. It also imposed strict controls on animal movements in an effort to control the outbreak of foot-and mouth. Livestock can only be moved when the journey is direct from farm to slaughterhouse. The movement of livestock across national borders will be subjected to 24 hours' notice. All such movements will need the approval of relevant authorities.

The EU's veterinary panel extended the total ban on British exports of livestock, meat and milk products until at least March 27, which was due to expire on 9 March. All vehicles arriving from the UK will now be required to be disinfected. The panel also decided that a vaccination scheme would not be the appropriate response at this stage.

The committee's proposals are set to come into force once the European Commission formally adopts them within the week. The next meeting of the SVC is scheduled for 20 and 21 March 2001.

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