Worldwide parliamentary network created at WSF

Parliamentarians meeting in Porto Alegre create worldwide network to promote civil society’s role in globalisation debate

A worldwide network of parliamentarians whose avowed aim is to actively support the social and citizen movements in their respective countries has been created at the first World Social Forum meeting in Porto Alegre, Brasil. The text announcing the creation of the network was adopted unanimously by the almost 500 parliamentarians present representing over 100 countries.

The main thrust of the text concerns the duty of parliamentarians to ensure a wide public debate in civil society about the international negotiations and treaty ratifications that are part of the globalisation process. It also emphasises that the parliamentarians must support the actions of the various trade unions and civil society groups who promote alternatives to what they refer to as the "neo-liberal order."

The WSF is being held at the same time as the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. One of its aims is to provide a counterbalance to the WEF's business-driven globalisation agenda. WSF organisers feel that the WEF does not pay enough attention in its deliberations to issues such as social justice and sustainable development. The organisers hope to make the WSF an annual event that coincides with the WEF.

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