210 students with COVID-19

210 students attending university in Belgrade, of which a quarter had lived in student dorms, have been infected with the virus, the Director of the Belgrade Institute for Student Health Care, Marija Obradovic, said on Monday (29 June).

Between 100 and 150 students came in for an examination on suspicion of coronavirus infection on a daily basis, with around 50 more calling on the phone, Obradovic told the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation. In her words, three-quarters of the students who tested positive for the novel coronavirus live in rented accommodation or are from Belgrade.

“Some of them do not know where they were infected. They often get infected at private parties,” said Obradovic, adding that the virus had not spread from student canteens. 

While about 120,000 young people attend the university in Belgrade, only about 50,000 are from the capital, she added. 

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