A Bavarian ‘corona test offensive’

Over the weekend, Bavaria’s health minister, Melanie Huml (CSU), announced that the state plans to test everyone for the coronavirus.

“All citizens of Bavaria are therefore promptly offered the opportunity to have themselves tested by an established contract physician, even without symptoms,” she announced, adding that the remaining costs for testing not covered by insurance companies will be shouldered by the state.

Bavaria is the first German state to implement such a plan. Currently, in the rest of Germany, health insurance companies are required to pay for the testing of those who show symptoms or those in higher-risk professions, such as hospital staff, teachers, or daycare workers. 

As of Sunday (28 June), Bavaria also has the highest number of diagnosed cases in Germany with 48,294. However, only about 600 of those are still active, which is lower than states such as North Rhine-Westphalia, which recently had to put two different districts back into lockdown following a massive outbreak at the Tönnies meatpacking plant in Gütersloh.

Huml said that the increased testing will specifically target meatpacking plants to “prevent major outbreaks like the one in Gütersloh.” (Sarah Lawton | EURACTIV.de

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