A letter from the north

Serbia’s foreign minister, Ivica Dacic, has received a letter from the ambassadors of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway thanking him for offering to transfer their citizens stranded in Serbia, the Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday (1 Apri). 

The letter, posted in full, says that at the moment the decision was made to send the plane to Stockholm to retrieve Serbs in Sweden, the Ministry offered to bring Nordic subjects stranded in Serbia in the opposite direction and that the embassies had enough time to reach most of their nationals and enable them to board the flight.

The ambassadors also said that, “out of medical necessity, borders have reappeared all over Europe,” but that this is only “a transitory situation.” “Gestures of help and cooperation in order to address this challenge to all our societies shall last for longer in our memories than current restrictions,” said the letter signed by the ambassadors.

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