Analyst: Montenegro could withdraw recognition of Kosovo’s independence

The parties which will be given the opportunity to form Montenegro’s new cabinet could push for the country to leave NATO, Belgrade military analyst Aleksandar Radic told BETA, adding that there is currently no procedure according to which Montenegro could actually exit the military alliance.

However, were Montenegro to withdraw its recognition of Kosovo’s independence, this would be “an absolutely different topic”, Radic added.

“Unlike the issue of NATO, which is a much broader context as even Serbia wishes to maintain friendly ties with the Alliance all up to the point where it would be required to join NATO, the issue of Kosovo and the withdrawals recognising its independence so far have shown that there exists a very elegant way to do it,” Radic specified.

Montenegro’s current president, Milo Djukanovic, was wrong in building the country based exclusively on anti-Serb foreign and regional policies, Radic added.


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