Athens: Four new ‘orphan’ cases

In Athens, four new “orphan” cases were reported yesterday. The news raised eyebrows in the government considering that the new cases were not linked to the so far confirmed 84 coronavirus incidents.

The government is considering strict measures including the closure of schools if a student is suspected of having been infected with the virus.

Meanwhile, one in three Greeks believes that there is a vaccine but the global community “is hiding it” and that the virus cannot be transmitted through the Holy Communion.

>>Read more in the article “Catholics take measures against coronavirus while Greek Orthodox Church ‘prays’” by Sarantis Michalopoulos and Alexandra Brzozowski.

The decision to broadly suspend educational institutions, if qualified as a solution, is expected near the Easter holiday. News website reported that the reason why the decision to close schools completely has not been made yet is because of the huge impact.

With 1.3 million pupils and students, it is not easy for the country to respond to such a massive hiatus. The website commented that the value of such a measure is not scientifically established, as all recent scientific publications note that it has little effect on the epidemic.

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