ATHENS – Russians hit at US Ambassador

Russia has reacted strongly to a recent statement made by the US Ambassador in Athens who said Russian President Vladimir Putin would be the “winner” of an escalation of Greece-Turkey tensions.

“The statements of the American ambassador in Athens in his interview with MEGA TV are nonsense,” the Russian embassy in Athens said in a statement.

“It is unacceptable for a foreign diplomat to allow himself say something like that. Apparently, the ambassador acquired this inappropriate style during his tenure in Ukraine,” the Russian embassy added.

Russians went further, saying it is well known that the United States has long been unable to resolve differences within NATO and that Moscow has no intention to take advantage of it.

Moscow’s reaction came in response to an interview of Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey R. Pyatt with MEGA TV, in which he said: “If there were to be any sort of escalation, the only winner is our shared adversaries. The winner is Vladimir Putin.”

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