ATHENS – What Americans actually do?

Greece has an open channel of communication with the US and this, especially in the present circumstances, is an incredibly large asset, Greek FM Nikos Dendias said in an interview with SKAI TV on Sunday.

“The prime minister presented the Greek positions to the US side and not only was there no opposition but there was also understanding. And since then there has been an open channel of communication with the US,” he said.

Media in Athens reported last Friday that Washington was willing to take specific initiatives to deescalate the crisis with Turkey in the region following the visit of Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Washington. But ANT1 TV quoted a US diplomat as saying that no such a decision was made triggering the reaction of the main opposition Syriza party, which accused the conservative government of irresponsibility in foreign affairs matters.

Syriza explained that the State Department dismissed media reports based on government sources that there is a US mediation initiative on the Greek-Turkish dispute, confirming that Mitsotakis’ trip was a fiasco, Athens News Agency reported.

But on Saturday night, Skai TV quoted a US spokesperson as saying that the United States is constantly involved with the governments of Greece and Turkey to encourage de-escalation through diplomatic channels.

Sarantis Michalopoulos

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