Belgian authorities call for EU-wide travel risk assessment system

The differences in the colour-coded risk systems between Belgium and France are “extremely confusing”, governor of the West Flemish province, Carl Decaluwé, has warned and urged EU countries to coordinate.
Decaluwe’s comments come as cities and towns on the border of France are concerned about the rise of COVID-19 infections on both sides and the movement of people across their borders.
“There is not much we can do for the time being,” Decaluwé told VRT. “As long as the region remains orange, we cannot take any extra measures.”

Decaluwé said confusion due to the different risk assessments between the countries was not only a problem in Belgium.

“You can also see it in Spain, some places there are turning green already, but for our country, the entire country is red,” he said, adding that a joint European colour coding system would solve the problem.

Earlier this month, the European Commission proposed a set of recommendations to prevent discriminatory measures applied by member states in a new attempt to harmonise fragmented COVID-19 travel restrictions across the bloc.
(Alexandra Brzozowski,

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