BELGRADE – 200,000 people lost jobs during COVID-19 pandemic

Since the state of emergency was declared to fight the coronavirus pandemic, about 200,000 people have lost their jobs in Serbia, which corresponds to about 8% of the people employed in February, including informal and self-employed workers, according to research conducted by the SeConS Development Initiative Group, supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

As reported on Wednesday (13 May), women were most at risk.

Not only were 86% of workers “on the frontlines of the coronavirus fight” women but in 70% of households, more chores and the expanded care of family members had also become the responsibilities of women. Even before the crisis, women were over-represented in those areas.

The research also showed that Serbs accepted working from home without complaint.

Nearly a quarter of those employed (24.7%) made the shift, of which 90% were properly equipped, and a mere 15% said they were less efficient than before.

“Two-thirds of the respondents worried about health risks, 35.6% were concerned over the imminent economic crisis in Serbia, 16.2% expressed concerns over the potential deterioration in freedoms, stronger repression and authoritarian rule,” the research indicated.

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