BELGRADE – Agreement to provide €4.9 million to assist Serbia signed

As part of the EU’s €93.4 million financial aid package for emergency, short and mid-term measures to alleviate the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak, an agreement was signed in Belgrade, on Friday (3 April) to provide for €4.9 million to help Serbia fight the pandemic.

The donation will be used to buy more ventilators, laboratory tests, masks, protective gear, intensive care monitors and other emergency medical supplies and materials.

The EU ambassador to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi said that the EU was preparing a package worth €78 million to implement short-term and long-term measures to fight the virus. The EU assistance is considerable and all-inclusive, and will have long-term effects, not only in healthcare but also for the economy, supporting small and medium enterprises as the most vulnerable economic group, the EU ambassador said. (

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