BELGRADE – Boycotting elections is no solution, says US Special Rep. Palmer

The conditions for parliamentary elections in Serbia are not ideal, especially when it comes to the media situation, but boycotting them is not a solution, the US Special Representative fro the Western Balkans and Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Palmer told Voice of America on the evening of Wednesday (27 May) in an interview.

While Palmer also said that the US understands some of the opposition’s arguments relating to the election conditions being unfair, he nonetheless warned that if the opposition steps out of the political arena, its voice will not reach very far. 

“When it comes to the 21 June elections, we would like to see that the Serbian citizens have as many options as possible, [because] it is important to have real choices in a democratic process, and we’ve encouraged all political parties to participate,” Palmer said.

“Boycotting is rarely a good way of expressing one’s discontent,” he added.

He also pointed out that it is important that the OSCE Mission to Serbia assess the election conditions. (

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