BELGRADE – Captain Dragan takes part in elections with own list of candidates

Dragan Vasiljkovic, better known as Captain Dragan, announced on Saturday (23 May) that he would be competing for a seat in the Serbian parliament in the next national election, running his own list of candidates “Dragan Vasiljkovic – Captain Dragan.”

Vasiljkovic has been recently granted an early release, having served more than two-thirds of a 15-year-prison sentence for war crimes.

Vasiljkovic told reporters in Kragujevac he wanted a chance to take the floor and make sure that no Serb would ever be arrested, processed and sentenced to years in prison without any verifiable evidence.

Vasiljkovic promised to seek an early release from prison for Milorad Ulemek Legija and Zvezdan Jovanovic, who were given 40-year prison sentences for the murder of former Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.

“I promised the Serbs I left behind in jail, whose only sin was the sin of birth, for which they had been sentenced to years in prison even though there hadn’t been a single verifiable piece of evidence against them, that I would be their voice,” he said.

“Sadly they believe the Serbs have forgotten them, but it’s not that Serbia forgot them, it has simply never heard of them,” Vasiljkovic added.


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