BELGRADE – Country cannot lockdown, needs to go back to work

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić warned on Wednesday (1 July) 1 that a worse epidemiological situation was in store for Serbia next fall, explaining that at this point it’s “impossible to lock the country down,” as we “need to work to live”. 

The spread of the virus would be under control during summer and the national economy could “flourish,” Vučić told Pink TV in an interview, adding that the current situation was “not tragic”.

“We’ll wait for a couple more days and if the healthcare system appears threatened, we’ll introduce tighter restrictions,” the president said.

Speaking of the number of coronavirus deaths, Vucic wanted to know if “there would be any difference there were 370 deaths rather than 260 or 270.”

“Where would that lead us, except for hiding that someone has died of another illness. These are the protocols,” he added. (

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