BELGRADE – Elections after the pandemic

Elections will take place in Serbia once the country overcomes the coronavirus pandemic, President Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday (25 April).

He said he would discuss the topic of elections with all those who had earlier said they would take part in the run, adding that he has nothing to object to if someone else would be willing to take part in the elections. 

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Speaking about the economy, Vucic said Serbia would be either first or second in Europe in terms of the growth rate.

“They are already decreasing salaries for public officials and the public sector in the region, and we are not thinking about that at this moment,” said Vucic, adding that Serbia has significant reserves in money and gold stored at the National Bank.

Foreign Minister and Socialist Party leader Ivica Dacic announced on April 24 that elections in Serbia would be held “in the shortest possible time allowed by the Constitution and laws.”

“I cannot mention exact dates because talks on that have yet to be held,” Dacic said in an interview with the Politika newspaper when asked whether citizens would go to the polls in late June, as the public had been speculating for the past few days.

Dacic said that none of the participants in the elections would be damaged or deprived of anything and would have quite enough time to present their policies to citizens.

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