BELGRADE – First parliamentary session set for 28 April.

Speaker Maja Gojkovic scheduled for 28 April the first session of the Serbian parliament since a state of emergency was introduced on 15 March. 

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Serbia’s MPs are expected to confirm a decision to introduce the state of emergency and decrees co-signed by the president, which the Serbian Government has issued in the meantime.

“Everyone will have to respect decisions made by the emergency task force, including MPs. All of them will pass through entrance screening, and receive masks and medical gloves. We have taken all measures necessary to protect journalists, cameramen, MPs and the parliament’s staff,” Gojkovic told journalists on 27 April in the Serbian parliament building.

Gojkovic said that she expected the MPs to be responsible, attend the session in the first place, and debate items on the agenda in an appropriate manner, given the situation. She added that she studied the way other parliaments worked during the coronavirus outbreak and that she didn’t find a single example of 250MPs deliberating for hours. 

Gojkovic expects that after this session the Serbian parliament will be an example of good practice for sittings in an emergency situation


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