BELGRADE – Foreign Minister Dacic says China helped Serbia the most

China has so far helped Serbia the most in its battle against the coronavirus pandemic and Russia is preparing to deliver aid, said Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic on Thursday (2 April). 

“This is a fact at this time and no one should be angry about us saying so. At this moment China is in a position to be able to help us,” Dacic said in an appearance on Pink TV.

“7,700,000 gloves were supposed to arrive from India and an EU plane has been sent to pick them up”, meaning the EU only funded the flight, Dacic added.

So far 4,000 citizens had been transported to the country from abroad, but a lot of people gave up on returning, said Dacic, adding that an agreement had been reached for the EU to transport Serbian citizens. Serbia would use this mechanism in places which it is unable to reach alone.

Serbia is transporting its citizens for free which is not the case with others, the foreign minister added. (


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