BELGRADE – Journalists receive money despite ethics breaches

Since the start of the year, the publishers of Alo, Kurir, Srpski Telegraf and Informer dailies have been allocated nearly RSD26 million in co-financing competitions, even though in the second half of 2019, the Press Council had reported 3,900 breaches of the Code of Ethics of Serbian Journalists by those same papers.

The Journalists’ Association of Serbia (JAS) reported on Monday (25 May) that more than half of the funds (RSD15.6 million) had been allocated to the publishers of Kurir, Informer and their subsidiaries that had won a Belgrade contest.

The Association said in the report that the Alo Medija Sistem, the publisher of the Alo newspaper and “a record-breaker in violating the Code of Ethics,” had won RSD8.6 million this year in various competitions across several Serbian towns.

The journalists recalled that firms involved in a project to be conducted via the portal won RSD3.9 million, even though the Press Council had described the portal as “drastic in breaching the Code” over the past few years. (

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