BELGRADE – Normalization of economic relations can’t solve everything

The document signed by Belgrade and Pristina in Washington can’t solve all the accumulated problems, but it does meet one of the key requirements for a better life, growth and stability in Serbia and Kosovo, the director of Belgrade’s Forum for Ethnic Relations, Dusan Janjić, said yesterday.

“An argument in favour of ranking the Washington agreement so highly is the agreement between the two [Belgrade and Pristina] to jointly run the resources of the Gazivode artificial lake,” said Janjić in a comment for the news agency Beta.

Janjić also said that some politicians and members of the general public used the document signed at the White House to debate the “ultimate” issues of status and territory.

“The Washington agreement allows the issue to be addressed, based on the joint management of the Gazivode resources, transforming the lake into an area of cooperation by developing economic and infrastructure projects,” he added.

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