BELGRADE – Serbia lags behind in harmonising its foreign policy with the EU

Serbia’s alignment with the EU’s foreign policy declarations and measures was quicker in 2019, but the alignment rate was still lower compared to that of its neighbours, according to the International and Security Affairs Centre (ISAC)’s yearly analysis released on Monday (9 March).

It was mainly Kosovo and efforts to protect good relations with Russia and China that hampered Serbia’s alignment with the EU’s foreign policy declarations last year, the Belgrade-based centre stated in its report.

Serbia’s alignment rate progressed last year compared to the previous year as it went from 52% to 57% as it aligned with 52 of 91 EU declarations.

Alignment with the EU foreign policy is covered by Chapter 31 (joint foreign, security and defence policy) of the Serbia-EU negotiations.

Albania reported the highest alignment rate of all candidate states, having reported a 100% alignment rate last year. In comparison, Montenegro reached a rate of 99%, while North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina achieved 88% and 59% respectively. 

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