BELGRADE – Serbia will receive a portion of the $274 million

Serbia will receive a portion of the $274 million set aside for urgent medical needs of US states for which Serbia had already forwarded a list of much-needed supplies, the US ambassador to Serbia, said on Friday (27 March).

In a video message posted on the embassy’s Facebook page, ambassador Anthony Godfrey said that the European Union (EU) had also responded to Serbia’s call for help and that after the first tranche that arrived in Belgrade on Thursday (26 March), there would be four more aid deliveries.

Ambassador Godfrey recalled that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had recently said the US would allocate $274 million to 64 most vulnerable states fighting the coronavirus pandemic. 

The diplomat also said that his country would work together with the World Health Organisation and UNICEF to assist Serbia and that other US programmes in Serbia would be adjusted to put a heavy emphasis on what’s most needed right now.

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