BELGRADE – Serbs suffer coronavirus concern

While close to 60% are worried about the coronavirus, 48% feel the government is handling the situation very well, compared to 42% who think otherwise, according to a Gallup International poll published on Monday.

The poll carried out in 30 countries between 11 March and 22 March makes it clear that the prevailing opinion in the Balkans is that the pandemic’s dangers remain exaggerated (73% in Bosnia-Herzegovina and North Macedonia, 72% in Bulgaria and 42% in Serbia).

On top of that, about 32% of the respondents believe the pandemic was the consequence of a deliberate spread of the coronavirus, while 31% consider the causes to have been natural. Also, almost 70% of Serbs are ready to sacrifice some of their rights if it helps stop the virus from spreading. 

And with regards to future predictions, around 56% of Serbs think the worst is yet to come, 32% expect the situation to remain the same and 12% think the worst is already behind them. (

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